A group of passionate individuals dedicated to turning your events into unforgettable experiences. Our goal is simple but profound: to exceed your expectations at every turn. We’re here to ensure your events are not just memorable but extraordinary. Welcome to a team that thrives on making your dreams a reality.
At Luxe Scot Events, excellence is not a goal; it’s a commitment.

David McDonald - Luxe Scot Events - Ops Director

David McDonald

With a wealth of experience in event management, arranging seamless operations, ensuring every detail falls perfectly into place. From logistics to execution, David’s expertise guarantees events that not only meet expectations but exceed them.

Tracey Nudd - Luxe Scot Events

Tracey Nudd

With an extensive career deeply rooted in events and hospitality, Tracey ensures flawless operations, transforming every occasion into a show-stopper. Her wealth of experience is the secret behind our exceptional events.

Alan Findlater - Luxe Scot Events

Alan Findlater

With a keen eye for detail! Drawing from a robust business background, Alan navigates the intricate landscape of the events market with finesse. With a deep understanding of the industry, he leads our team with precision and a commitment to excellence.